Be Aware of the Betting Sequence That Claims to Make Fast Money

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Everybody would like to be able to put their computer to work on order to generate a bit of extra cash.

If you’ve ever run a search on money making tips or something along they lines then there’s every chance that you have come across the easy money making system that is roulette.

The claims that are made is that you place your Judi online terpercaya HL8 systematically in a starting bet of £1 then increasing the bet by x2. The most common is the red/black sequence.

This would give you a betting sequence of

Bet 1 = £1 Total Stake = £1 Return = £2

Bet 2 = £2 Total Stake = £3 Return = £4

Bet 3 = £4 Total Stake = £7 Return = £8

Bet 4 = £8 Total Stake = £15 Return = £16

Bet 5 = £16 Total Stake = £31 Return = £32

And so on…

The idea is simple really. You’re basing your bets on chasing your losses but each time your win comes in you get £1

Multiply this several times and you will get a good payout.

It seems to be easy enough to do.

On the downside. No casino is going to know about such a systematic approach and do nothing. It is claimed that this can go as far as 9 losses and anything further is just bad luck. My bet is the casinos are aware of it and will have the programs running to possibly anything up to 15 times the same colour to weed out people using the system. In the meantime your casino balance is whittling away as your bets increase.

I did try this once and I did get a payout. However, on my next visit I hit a loss. Luckily I was using the casino winnings at this stage and I didn’t lose my money.

As I am studying the affiliate marketing strategy at the moment it became clear about this system. The casinos are probably offering a good affiliate program. Thereby if you read the article and click the link to the casino then whatever you stake into the casino a percentage will be paid to the person that sent you there on the advice to play their roulette system.

In light of this it points out that the only person guaranteed a win here is the affiliate that has referred you over to the casino.

Please don’t mistake me for promoting gambling as it can be addictive and has a destructive edge to it for some people. This article is to let you know my opinion of the system. I am in no way representing casinos to encourage you to try the system.

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