What If Mobile Car Washing Did Not Exist?

clay bar treatment by mobile car detailers

The other day, I was talking to a mobile car wash business man who had his local city giving him a hard time due to storm water regulations. They suggested he do all sorts of things, and even close down his business. One of their suggestions was for him to go to some type of a dry wash solution to clean the cars. Still, he told me that his customers didn’t want him to use dry wash, they wanted a real wash. He obviously didn’t want to stop his business, and so he asked me; “what if mobile car washing and mobile detailing didn’t exist?”

Okay so, that’s a question I’ve never gotten before, but I think it’s worth addressing. Because I believe competition is good for America and is especially good in a free-market system. It hardly matters if it is in the car washing industry or any other industry for that matter. Okay so let’s discuss this for a moment;

1. Less Competition Means Higher Prices
2. Less Convenience, More Waiting in Long Lines
3. More Scratches in Automotive Finishes Due to Mechanization
4. Difficulty in Getting Large Vehicles, Motorhomes, Motorcycles, and Boats Cleaned

You see, when it comes to car washes and fixed site facilities they charge quite a bit to wash the cars. Mobile car wash can charge less money because they have less money invested, and therefore it’s easier to get a return on investment and create positive cash flow quickly. If there was less competition, it means the car wash owners would continually raise their prices, and the consumers would pay more.

Indeed, if there was less competition there be less convenience, and as the lines got longer at the car wash, customers wouldn’t have a choice, they’d be forced to wait in line, spending their precious time, and a good chunk of their earnings to get their car washed. Now then, with all the mechanization that goes on at a fixed site car wash facility, there is a greater chance to cause damage to the cars, and scratches to the automotive finishes and clear coats. Therefore if there were no mobile car washes, there would be more damage to personal vehicles.

Lastly, if we didn’t have mobile operators out washing cars or ways to deliver services to the customers then it would be very difficult to get your motor home washed, or your motorcycle, or even have a boat cleaned it was on a trailer. This is something that mobile car wash units and mobile auto detailers are very good at, so it’s a darn good thing they exist – and I hope they do for decades to come. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.

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