Miminokoto Music Review

These guys came to California on the way back from their east coast tour. They were heading back to Japan after a few days in San Diego to catch the sun, visit Tijuana and record with Maquiladora.

Listening to their tour disc you get the sense of torture and pain the band feels. The drummer, Koji, also drums with Acid Mothers Temple. This disc has three songs on it. Two nine minute pieces and one 5 minute song.

You feel the ideas of Mimy within the first song, Sorezore. The singing in Japanese is very emotional like a dosed out Roy Orbison or something. The timing moves around like many of the great noise bands from Japan. The tones on the guitar and singing often range in the high register.

Kind of like early CA surf music and then the pedals come on to give it the more modern Tokyo sound. The lead guitar and drums battle through timing and verse breaks. Then, the sweat and energy of Kawaguchi’s voice hits you and a steady song progression comes on and it sounds more recognizable to American ears. This recording was done live in Tokyo before their US tour in early November.

If you want to hear the true psychadelic underground sounds of modern Tokyo you should check this out. Be prepared to have your brain go for a workout in a true avant style of freedom. They play regularly in Tokyo.

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