What Is Special in GIA Lai Tea?

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Gia Lai Specialties is a well known and highly regarded chain of specialty green tea shops. The philosophy of GIA (the mother company) is centered on providing customers with high quality, convenient products that are made in the United States and that are gia macca made by leaders in the tea industry. GIA’s wide variety of teas includes green, black, oolong, jasmine, and Pu-erh. In addition to offering great tasting varieties of green tea, GIA also has a great deal of other great products, such as body care, skin care, hair care, and health and wellness products.

GIA was started in 1985 by two men – one from Hawaii and one from Chicago. They started out selling just oolong tea, but their mission statement quickly changed when they realized that they also wanted to offer specialized tea for a variety of people. The name “GIA” stuck because they also wanted to make their teas available to anyone who wants them, instead of just the usual Starbucks, Whole Foods, and local grocery store tea drinkers. Today, GIA offers a large selection of specialty teas as well as regular selections.

GIA is part of the Star Tea Corporation, which is one of the largest tea manufacturers in the world. They have been in business since 1970 and are dedicated to providing consumers with the best quality and most flavorful tea possible. With the help of so many amazing suppliers, GIA has become the dominant force in the specialty tea industry. And they are not afraid to use the latest technology and ingredients in their teas, such as:

oOolong tea. This type of tea is especially well-known for its wonderful taste and amazing aroma. It was initially developed in China, but GIA began selling it in the U.S. in the early nineties. Today, Oolong has become one of the most popular choices among tea drinkers, and is a staple of American drinking culture. In addition to being available in stores, Oolong can also be found on the shelves of GIA websites. GIA also offers green tea and black tea.

o “Chai” tea. Chai is the generic term for tea and refers to a variety of sweetened teas that include sugar, milk, or honey, depending on the manufacturer. Chai is also popular with people who prefer a flavor that is not too strong and is great for people who are watching their calorie intake.

o “Lau fau” tea. Lau fau is a specialty of Hawaii, where visitors and inhabitants enjoy delicious steaming hot tea. This is another example of how a company devoted to providing specialty products for consumers can also provide an extensive line of everyday products.

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